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Siloah Academics

We place the Bible at the center of our curriculum. The Bible is taught as a regular subject each day and all other subjects are taught from a Scriptural viewpoint. The love of God in Christ is our motivation for nurturing students' faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior from sin to prepare them for a God-pleasing life here and eternal life with him in heaven.
English/Language Arts

In our ELA classes students learn the basic skills of listening, speaking, spelling, grammar, handwriting, and reading comprehension.


We explore the wonders of God's created world through experimenting and problem-solving in our Science classes.


All of our students are taught the Word of God using the Christ Light Series. In addition to Christ Light, grades 5-8 have Catechism class twice a week with Pastor Coleman.

Social Studies

Through Social Studies our students discuss God's plan throughout history and learn their role as Christian leaders in the community.


Our students learn foundational Math skills that allow them to problem solve and excel in higher Math courses.


In Physical Education, Art, and Music classes students discover their God-given talents and use those talents to praise Him.

We test and assess our students' growth using the MAP suite with NWEA.

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