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Academic Recovery

At Siloah Lutheran School academics is our number 1 focus. To ensure all scholars are successful,
we have created the Academic Recovery program. This program is by invite only to all scholars who are receiving a C or lower in a class subject. During academic recovery, the scholar will have the ability to get one-on-one help from both their lead/support teacher.
Academic Recovery is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15–4:15 pm.

Siloah staff are committed to the academic success of all students. When Academic Recovery becomes necessary, we ask parents to accommodate their child’s extra time at school into their family schedule.

Please note, that students in Academic Recovery will remain in dress code and will not be engaged in any behavior other than completing school work or receiving help with school work. Please note that siblings will still be required to be picked up at the regular school time if they are not invited to
academic recovery.
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