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Clubs & Enrichment Programs


Clubs Offered

Here is our selection of clubs available for Siloah's students. They are free to select which ones best fit their interests and needs in order to enhance their personal enrichment.

How to Remain in
Good Standing

We place the Bible at the center of our curriculum and is taught as a regular subject each day. The love of God in Christ is our motivation for nurturing students' faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

All Hands In

Club Staff 
& Schedule Information

We have a great selection of staff members who lead the children for each Club available. This is how to best connect with the staff, including each Club's scheduled date & time.

Academic Recovery

Academics is our number one focus at Siloah Lutheran. To ensure that all scholars are successful, we have created the Academic Recovery Program to help keep them moving forward into their continued greatness.

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