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Siloah Lutheran School
Covid Policy 2022-2023

As we continue to navigate through this pandemic, my prayer is that our Heavenly Father continues to guide us with His grace and mercy. To ensure all students and staff are protected, Siloah Lutheran School has created the following guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID.

1. If your child has been exposed to COVID or tested positive please refrain from sending them to school until a negative COVID test is provided.

2. If your child is sick (runny nose, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, upset stomach, etc.) please refrain from sending them to school until ALL symptoms subside.

3. If your child comes down with an illness while at school, please ensure your child is picked up within 1 hour of receiving a call from the main office.

4. Please provide your child with a mask, daily.

5. Please continue to encourage your child to wear their mask over their mouth and nose at all times within the building.

6. Siloah Lutheran School will limit the number of visitors each day to prevent the spread of Covid.

Parents, I understand that the above policies will not satisfy all families, but SLS must and will enforce Covid policies to ensure all students and staff are safe.

Principal Daniels

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